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Some more thoughts about Victorian Beeblock
Missus Bee <3
I have watched the trailer a few times now, and I feel I really should be more excited, but I'm not. I wondered why this is, and here are a few conclusions.

1. This happens too late. The Guy Ritchie film in 2009 that exploded the old fandom should have looked like this, and I would have screamed of joy.

2. Perhaps the whole BBC Sherlock series should have looked like this in the first place. I don't feel a connection between this and the actual series, so I don't see the point they are doing this now.

3. I've been fed up with some aspects of that series writing since 3rd season anyway, so I'm dreading this a bit.

However, there were a few awesome things. XD

-The way they look is still very much how I imagine Holmes and Watson. Now even more.
-There was a purple dressing gown. OMFG finally.
- A+ moustache

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Yeah, when I saw BBC Sherlock and John for the first time (some pic on the internet, years ago), I was like: OMG, who are these kids???

Now imagine the BBC Sherlock fandom pain of not having the curls and getting the mustache instead :)

I agree, Watson and Holmes look super canonical in the trailer, but it is not what the BBC fandom loves them for. Also, I can imagine the confusion this trailer and the whole idea of the Victorian special must radiate to everyone: the old ACD fandom, the BBC version fandom, and perhaps even to the casual viewers.

But honestly, I don't know what to expect from the Special except that it is definitely going to be super meta and postmodern, just like the rest of the show.

Like I said earlier, the canon is not going anywhere, no matter what.

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