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Sherlock Holmes fandom!
Missus Bee <3
I haven't really written my thoughts anywhere lately, as Tumblr is way to scary for that - and I confess I have also been ignoring good ol' Livejournal. Sorry about that! I thought I'd ramble a bit about my 11th year in Holmes-fandom XD (What, you mean, other people have moved on to lives and families and jobs and things - ???)

It's been quite relaxed lately for me, any canon fan I manage to find in Tumblr and deviantArt is a treasured thing. I have stopped feeling so angry at Guy Ritchie, and I still enjoy BBC Sherlock somewhat, though that series has turned a bit too complacent and away from the fannish love that was so brill at the start. I am dreading the victorian christmas special a bit - because it will introduce the same phenomenon as with the RDJ films, people wont make a difference with ACD and other fics. But I can only hope in this case the difference wont be as noticeable....I HOPE.

I saw the teaser for that special on youtube, and I was not very convinced: repeating the same jokes and sentences over and over "Not your housekeeper". "I'm a high functioning sociopath" "Damn my leg" and so on and so on IS GETTING REALLY ANNOYING XD Just stop it. Hopefully the whole episode isn't like that.

I have started to re-read canon too, in a very nitpicky way - googling everything I don't know incl. objects, places and people - I finally got fed up about being so insecure among those fans who remember all the canon details. I am learning lots, and am quite enjoying it. I'm trying to make it very non-stressful for myself, though. Even if I am not very academic, I can read these stories in my own way, and perhaps get some cartoony drawing ideas too.

In other news, going to go see spacefall again in a week and will see some more Holmesy things! Must start packing soon :D (Yes we are still BFFs, shush.)

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Do you know the Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana by Jack Tracy? (Careful, because there are several books with the same name but different authors.)

It's basically a list of all the objects, places and people in canon (so just like you're googling), with explanations about what they are, whether they're wholly or partially fictional or real, etc. It also tells you in which set of stories someone or something appeared, which is something you can't get from google. I use it a lot, because I'm definitely not one of those people who can remember all the canon details!

I think it's out of print but it's available very cheaply on some of the European amazon sites. I don't have it with me today, but let me know if you're curious and would like to see an extract!

I didn't realise there was going to be a Victorian BBC Sherlock episode until I saw some people worrying about the effect it will have on (supposedly) ACD fic, just as you say. Oh dear!

Sounds interesting, must see if my friend spacefall has it in their massive Holmes book collection now I'm going for a visit :DDD

I have been enjoying finding out all the stuff myself too though, so maybe I'll continue "manually" for now XD

What fun that you're going to go see Spacefall again. Say 'hi' for me. I was just thinking about them yesterday. And take pictures! Your last visit was so interesting to read about.

The Christmas special has everyone a bit apprehensive, I think. autumnatmidnight and I were talking about it recently, too.

We are going to visit Sussex, so there will surely be pictures of lovely white cliffs and such :))) Looking forward to it, yay!

I think it's always a great idea to re-read the canon: I have been doing it myself recently.

And I would not be worried about the BBC Christmas Special too much: don't get me wrong, being a die-hard BBC Sherlock fan (and the canon Holmes fan of 20+ years), I and am extremely excited about the new episode, but I don't think it should be the reason for concern. Who cares what the general audience thinks of it in relation to the canon or independently of it? The canon is eternal - it's always 1895, as Garrett said, - and no one can take it away from you or the rest of us.

Anyways, good luck with diving into the canon and please post more about all the amazing findings you could come across!

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Yes, when the dust settles from this latest Sherlock Holmes boom, I know I will still be here! XD

I must post some more! I have some ideas already too.

Like you, I've been neglecting LJ but something came over me today and I'm glad I popped over - I wouldn't have known about the new trailer (I must have some Sherlock chip built-in that gets activated when there's buzz out there) and I would have missed on a few posts on my Flist, including yours.

I'll be very much looking forward to any cartoonish things you produce, hoorah for re-reading canon and let's hope it inspires you!:) I've been putting together a Holmesean study/office for about a year, lots of influences from BBC Sherlock but quite the Victorian air, too...My students love it! (I teach English privately.) Anyway, all that is to say - with the approach of autumnal evenings that are made for snuggling up in your study/library with a good book maybe it's time for me to re-visit canon too.

I'm looking forward to the BBC Victorian special inasmuch as BBC Sherlock will always have a special place in my heart. But I am not worried one bit about the global effect the franchise will have on what people associate with Victorian Holmes. I'm sure it'll blow over and then, it'll be books and Doyle (and Granada) again.

Have fun with your BFF!

Hello again ! :D I watched the new trailer today and it wasn't as bad as I feared; the first teaser just left me confused a bit. I'm sure the whole thing will make more sense and will enjoy at least the visuals. CumberHolmes and FreemanWatson are much more closed to canon for me than Ritchie films for example. I just hope that plot makes sense haha.

Hehe a Sherlock study sounds like fun XD

Welcome back to LJ! I find that this media is more conducive to discussion and interaction than most of the others and I'm sure that others feel the same way so you will always find an ACD core here.

Re-reading canon is always I good thing: so many things to discover and re-discover on subsequent readings. I do not profess to be a canonista because I do not know all the stories to the same degree. (I fixate on my favourites and know those inside out. The others... not so much.)

I look forward to the Christmas Special with equal parts dread and anticipation. If it is horrible, it can be filed as such. Mofftiss think they own the SH fandom and have become lazy. Sure, they can be clever, and their fandom (BBC-verse) is very popular, but they do not own me (an ACD canon fan).

Your get-togethers with Spacefall are always brilliant! I wish you both lots of fun in your journeys and hope you will share some doodles and pics.

Love both your and Spacefall's work! And do what you have to do as an artist - even if it means taking a hiatus from, or even giving up, a fandom.

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