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"New" art that I coloured!
Missus Bee <3
Have meant to colour these pics for ages and now finally did!!

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Yay, thank you Captain :D

Thank you for posting these. How lovely! I appreciate you posting over here. I'm really starting to hate Tumblr, and find it almost impossible to talk to anyone.

I must try to post some more here more often! :D Tumblr truly sucks at conversations.
Thank you!!

I am so in love with that last (PERFECT) drawing.

Homg, thanks so much :DDDDD I'm glad you like.

Oh look at those rosy cheeks in the second pic! Beautiful colouring.
My favourite it's the last one.It's perfect,really.
I missed your stream :( but thank you for posting these lovely pics.

I must settle some mega stream for some day with proper start times and warnings etc :D

Thank you!

The shaving one! Watson's expression is perfection. So very, "I put up with a lot, but a goatee - no."

And the bees! I love the bees. It almost looks as if they are waiting patiently for Holmes to finish his work. It is so very symbiotic.

Astounding work as always.

Aw, thank you very much :)))

Ahhhh, beautiful colouring!*gazes* I love all of them, but the hats one is just perfect.♥ Something about how seriously they're taking this business!!! :)

AWwww, thanks :))) I rather like the hat one too, but for some reason that got the least attention on tumblr XD hehe, always the way, but yeah....

Aw, these make me so happy :D While they're all lovely, my eye is drawn to the vivid blue and warm brown of the second. (Of course, Watson's loving gaze may also have something to do with it *g*) Thanks for sharing!

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