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Fandom, I'm still here
Missus Bee <3
I am still here.
I feel very evul ignoring the ACD-fest and rest of fandom for weeks now, but I will try to get on with it soon and comment everything ! DDD:

I finished my thesis and graduated from my uni earlier this month ! :D
I will have to edit my Holmes-zine (part of the thesis) a bit until I dare to spread it around the internet,  so that is also on to-do list.

Tomorrow I will go to get my lower wisdom tooth (or teeth, I don't know if they will take both at once) removed.
I am pretty nervous about it, though I'm not afraid of dentists usually. It's the first time I'm getting any teeth removed.

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Hooray for thesis and for graduation! Yay for you!

The Holmesfest was a great one, although it would have been even better if you had been in it, but hey, RL strikes again. And - ooh! Holmes-zine!

As far as the dentist goes, I've had mine done, it's not pleasant, but with modern pain meds, survivable. Plan on milkshakes (no hardship there) for a couple of days.

Congrats again!

Edited at 2015-06-25 18:57 (UTC)

Next to Uni, wisdom teeth will be a breeze.
And, to echo TripleRansom, milkshakes are the way to go!

Mazel Tov on your completing uni! And deepest sympathies on your tooth (teeth?).

Congratulations on your graduation! And good luck at the dentist :)!

Best thing for tooth surgery - hot salty water. Fill a glass with water from the hot tap, as hot as your mouth can manage, and shake a LOT of salt into it. Then swish and spit until the glass is empty. Repeat 3 or 4 times a day.

This will make the wound site clean, remove clots, prevent infection, and even reduce pain by keeping the swelling down, I had all four wisdoms out about 35 years back and this was the best piece of advice I got. I'm still passing it on; Sara had her teeth out 2 years ago and the surgeon commented on how clean and well healed her mouth was at her ten day checkup.

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