The Trip To Italy 2016
Missus Bee <3
I returned from Italy! I have lots to tell you, and I decided the best way would be to take lots of photos and to keep a journal.
Please ignore that the journal also turned into a bit of anxiety recording tool for me XD I did enjoy the trip very much!
This turned out pretty detailed.

A very long travel journal, please read XDCollapse )

Some more thoughts about Victorian Beeblock
Missus Bee <3
I have watched the trailer a few times now, and I feel I really should be more excited, but I'm not. I wondered why this is, and here are a few conclusions.

1. This happens too late. The Guy Ritchie film in 2009 that exploded the old fandom should have looked like this, and I would have screamed of joy.

2. Perhaps the whole BBC Sherlock series should have looked like this in the first place. I don't feel a connection between this and the actual series, so I don't see the point they are doing this now.

3. I've been fed up with some aspects of that series writing since 3rd season anyway, so I'm dreading this a bit.

However, there were a few awesome things. XD

-The way they look is still very much how I imagine Holmes and Watson. Now even more.
-There was a purple dressing gown. OMFG finally.
- A+ moustache

Sleepy Tove Mausson ^_^
Missus Bee <3

My precious lil kitteeeeeh <3

Sherlock Holmes fandom!
Missus Bee &lt;3
I haven't really written my thoughts anywhere lately, as Tumblr is way to scary for that - and I confess I have also been ignoring good ol' Livejournal. Sorry about that! I thought I'd ramble a bit about my 11th year in Holmes-fandom XD (What, you mean, other people have moved on to lives and families and jobs and things - ???)

It's been quite relaxed lately for me, any canon fan I manage to find in Tumblr and deviantArt is a treasured thing. I have stopped feeling so angry at Guy Ritchie, and I still enjoy BBC Sherlock somewhat, though that series has turned a bit too complacent and away from the fannish love that was so brill at the start. I am dreading the victorian christmas special a bit - because it will introduce the same phenomenon as with the RDJ films, people wont make a difference with ACD and other fics. But I can only hope in this case the difference wont be as noticeable....I HOPE.

I saw the teaser for that special on youtube, and I was not very convinced: repeating the same jokes and sentences over and over "Not your housekeeper". "I'm a high functioning sociopath" "Damn my leg" and so on and so on IS GETTING REALLY ANNOYING XD Just stop it. Hopefully the whole episode isn't like that.

I have started to re-read canon too, in a very nitpicky way - googling everything I don't know incl. objects, places and people - I finally got fed up about being so insecure among those fans who remember all the canon details. I am learning lots, and am quite enjoying it. I'm trying to make it very non-stressful for myself, though. Even if I am not very academic, I can read these stories in my own way, and perhaps get some cartoony drawing ideas too.

In other news, going to go see spacefall again in a week and will see some more Holmesy things! Must start packing soon :D (Yes we are still BFFs, shush.)

"New" art that I coloured!
Missus Bee &lt;3
Have meant to colour these pics for ages and now finally did!!

I survived :D
Missus Bee &lt;3
The wisdom teeth operation went just fine and I was scared for nothing, it seems.
It was a slightly longer and more difficult procedure than usual, but not that bad. I haven't been afraid of dentists prodding around my mouth with all sorts of tools ever since I had braces as a kid, and had to see them every month for that. Because of anesthesia I couldn't really feel a thing, except when the dude used a bit of force to get the root of the left lower tooth.
Yeah, they took them both XD The aftermath was a bit hilarious with cotton pads in my mouth and my lower face all numb, I felt like this:

I'm doing quite well now, a day later, not aching nearly at all or bleeding. Yesterday was more sore, but time and eating soup and yoghurt seems to have done the trick. Today I was able to eat tiny bits of pizza without chewing them in that area already. XD
I tried your method of salt water haldane and it seems to work :)

Fandom, I'm still here
Missus Bee &lt;3
I am still here.
I feel very evul ignoring the ACD-fest and rest of fandom for weeks now, but I will try to get on with it soon and comment everything ! DDD:

I finished my thesis and graduated from my uni earlier this month ! :D
I will have to edit my Holmes-zine (part of the thesis) a bit until I dare to spread it around the internet,  so that is also on to-do list.

Tomorrow I will go to get my lower wisdom tooth (or teeth, I don't know if they will take both at once) removed.
I am pretty nervous about it, though I'm not afraid of dentists usually. It's the first time I'm getting any teeth removed.

Wind and seagulls. Lots of wind and seagulls.
Missus Bee &lt;3
spacefall finished their post about our awesome Cornwall trip last October :D
It was very Holmesy and the views very dramatic and 10/10!

Click here for travel photos

I also illustrated my arrival to Spacefall-abode in my comic diary XD

 photo louis_zpskj8zkqkt.jpg

Some pictures
Missus Bee &lt;3
I have neglected the naarmamo a bit but I've done lotsa visual stuff at work the past days. That counts right? XD Here are some backgrounds for posters - I enjoy making these, hehe.
Images hereCollapse )

Missus Bee &lt;3
My naart is a texture brush thingy :'D



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