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I survived :D
Missus Bee <3
The wisdom teeth operation went just fine and I was scared for nothing, it seems.
It was a slightly longer and more difficult procedure than usual, but not that bad. I haven't been afraid of dentists prodding around my mouth with all sorts of tools ever since I had braces as a kid, and had to see them every month for that. Because of anesthesia I couldn't really feel a thing, except when the dude used a bit of force to get the root of the left lower tooth.
Yeah, they took them both XD The aftermath was a bit hilarious with cotton pads in my mouth and my lower face all numb, I felt like this:

I'm doing quite well now, a day later, not aching nearly at all or bleeding. Yesterday was more sore, but time and eating soup and yoghurt seems to have done the trick. Today I was able to eat tiny bits of pizza without chewing them in that area already. XD
I tried your method of salt water haldane and it seems to work :)

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Keep up with the salt water, you won't find anything cheaper! :)

Hee, that pic is hilarious XD

Glad the procedure went well. Seconding Haldane's suggestion, it really does help.

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